Ginkgo Fire Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an ancient practice, used in many cultures in different parts of the world, that can promote well-being and emotional health, and relieve physical pain. It can be done successfully either in person or remotely. I am honored to offer shamanic healing as an extension of my bodywork healing practice.

I call my shamanic practice “Ginkgo Fire” to honor the Japanese and shamanic traditions that have been so central to my own spiritual development. To me, the image of “Ginkgo Fire” represents yin and yang, earth and spirit. The ginkgo leaf is ordinary reality, the world, the earth. The fire is non-ordinary reality, spirit, and healing. Both exist side-by-side, within each other.

I have been studying shamanic healing techniques for a number of years and am currently taking advanced training from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and other private teachers. As someone who has been trained in shamanic practices, I have a number of compassionate helping spirits, both human-form teachers and power animals, with whom I have established a good working relationship.

When someone comes for shamanic healing, I journey to the upper or lower worlds to get help from my compassionate spirits. Depending on what they want to do, they can either loan me some healing power or come back with me to do the work themselves. The healing power can be used to address a specific problem as requested by the client, or it can be general Power to fortify and strengthen the client’s overall well-being.

Healing work can be done remotely. For in-person clients, I also offer soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, divination work, and extractions, as well as healing using a variety of techniques.

How I Work with Clients:

If you would like to schedule a shamanic healing, please contact me. Most clients prefer to talk by phone or Zoom before I begin the healing work–an initial consultation typically takes about half an hour–but it is not absolutely necessary. Consultation can be done by email or text if needed. After the consultation is complete, I will journey for you.

Please note that if you are requesting healing for another person, you must have explicit approval from them for me to do the work, before I begin.

My rates for shamanic healing are:

  • In-person 60-minute session: $100, payable at the time of the appointment.
  • Remote 30-minute session: $50, payable by Square (over the phone) or Paypal.

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