Ginkgo Fire Shamanic Circle

A Community Offering

As a gift to our Williamsburg & Hampton Roads, VA community, I lead this shamanic circle each month.

How it works:

In this circle, our focus is on practicing shamanic journeying together, using a drum or rattle with a steady, monotone beat to help our minds shift into the journey state.

Each month, we start with a brief welcome and introductions. Then we “open the circle” by lighting a candle, singing, and a bit of group drumming in unison.

After that, I’ll introduce the questions I’ll be inviting the group to journey on for the night. They might be connected to the time of year, or to a spiritual theme. Then, we’ll begin our first journey of the evening, with me drumming for the group. A typical journey will last about 10-15 minutes. Then we’ll take some notes on what we experienced, followed by a conversation where you’re welcome to share briefly about what you experienced. We strongly emphasize confidentiality, to keep the circle safe for everyone.

Then, we’ll do a second journey on a related topic, followed by another round of conversation and sharing.

Before we close, we spend a few minutes offering shamanic healing to anyone in the circle who requests it, or anyone else who has given us permission to do healing work for them.

Then, we close the circle with a brief song. That’s it!   

If you’d like to explore shamanic journeying in a friendly, supportive environment, you’re warmly invited to come and try it out.

Where & when:

Starting Nov. 21st, the circle meets every 3rd Tuesday, 6-7:30 p.m. at the James City County Library, 7770 Croaker Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188, in the Kitzinger Community Room.

To get email reminders about upcoming meetings, join us on Meetup.com, a free platform that helps connect people with similar interests.   

What about costs?

The Circle is free to all. I do appreciate small financial contributions to cover various costs, including room rental fees.

Who’s invited:

We are an inclusive circle, welcoming people of all different traditions, beliefs, identities, and life experiences. Everyone aged 18 and up, or 16 and up with a parent/guardian present, is welcome.

We include both beginners and experienced journeyers. Because of this, I ask that you have some basic familiarity with shamanic journeying before your first visit, so that we can all practice together.

How you can learn the basics:

  • Download this free ebook and turn to the chapter on shamanic journeying. Written by my wife and fellow shamanic practitioner Laura Horton-Ludwig, it’s a brief, accessible introduction to journeying that includes a guided drumming track.
  • Read Sandra Ingerman’s book Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide for a more comprehensive introduction, along with drum tracks so you can practice on your own.
  • Take one of the excellent basic workshops taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. FSS teaches these workshops both online and in person.
  • I also lead occasional introductory workshops at the James City County Library, to teach people basic shamanic journeying skills. Please contact me if you’d like to be notified when I schedule the next one.

What to bring to the Circle:

To support you as you journey, please bring:

  • An eye covering, like a sleep mask or bandanna (blocking out light can help you journey more easily).
  • A journal or notebook & writing materials for taking notes.
  • A yoga mat and/or blanket, if you wish to lie down while you journey. Remaining seated in a chair is fine too.
  • A rattle or drum, if you wish. If you don’t have one, that’s fine. I always bring a few extras.

My background & a brief history of the Circle:

I’m an advanced practitioner with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) and have completed their flagship Three-Year Program. I love supporting other people in developing their skills in shamanic journeying, and building a supportive shamanic community here in the Williamsburg area. Professionally, I am also a massage therapist specializing in myofascial release for pain relief. (Learn more about me and my background.)

This monthly circle has met for about 5 years now. Until recently, we met at the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists. Now, we’re settling into a new home at the James City County Library.   

The Circle is called “Ginkgo Fire” to honor the Japanese and shamanic traditions that have been so central to my own spiritual development. To me, the image of “Ginkgo Fire” represents yin and yang, earth and spirit. The ginkgo leaf is ordinary reality, the world, the earth. The fire is non-ordinary reality, spirit, and healing. Both exist side-by-side, within each other.

More questions? 

I’d be happy to talk with you about any questions you might have. Contact me any time!

Contact me to learn more